Questions Worth Asking?

The greatest enemy of freedom has always been government. Wherever government grows, freedom shrinks. If government becomes dominant, freedom completely disappears.

Australians who care about their own freedom, or hope to pass it on to their children, ought to be alarmed about the frightening growth of our own federal government. Australia is being victimised by socialism from within, as much as an enemy seeking to conquer our nation and enslave our people.

What is Socialism?

Socialism is economic control of the people by government. It is the system codified by Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto. It is what has been imposed upon Soviet Russia, China, Cuba and many other nations.

How can Socialism be recognised?

Its most distinguishing characteristics are taxation, regulations, controls, bureaucracy and big-brother-type government. This is exactly what our own leaders are currently giving us - in increasingly larger doses.

Is Socialism as deadly as Communism?

Yes, because socialism and communism have the identical goal - economic control of the people - each is a deadly enemy of freedom. Remember that USSR has always stood for the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Communism is actually a form of Socialism.

If their goals are identical, are there any differences between communism and socialism?

The main difference is that a communist is a socialist in a hurry. A communist will impose socialism with brute force. A socialist will deceive the populace into believing that government will take care of them; the people then proceed to vote themselves into economic slavery.

Will a socialist ever resort to force?

Yes. Ironically; while a communist uses force to establish a socialism, a socialist will use communist-style force to maintain it. When people who have been led into socialism realise that they are no longer free and begin to rebel, socialist deception ends and brute force takes over.

Should socialism be opposed as much as communism ever was?

Of course! Socialism has never been a beneficial or harmless system, and it does not merely inconvenience a few and allow the vast majority to enjoy the good life. It creates economic slavery for all but the few who control government.

Will socialism's economic control also lead to political control?

History shows repeatedly that economic control is the forerunner of political control - and that means secret police, gulags and the forcible suppression of all resistance.

Do socialists mean to own everything?

Not necessarily. A socialist doesn't have to own the land, take possession of all the businesses and confiscate everyone's wealth. He will use government power to control the use of your land, regulate your means of production and tax your income until you are government's slave. One of his favourite tactics is to have government amass huge deficits that give him an excuse to impose crushing taxes to service the debt.

What are some specifics recommended by Marx in the Communist Manifesto?

To create a socialist state, the Manifesto urges a progressive income tax, an end to inheritance, a monopolistic national bank such as the federal reserve and central control of education. It also boldly calls for abolishing private property, the family, marriage, counties and nationalities, eternal truths, religion and morality.

Are you suggesting that Australia is being made over according to the plans of Karl Marx?

Let's not merely suggest it : let's state it frankly and openly. Our nation is being forced into socialism by our own leaders. All of Marx's plans noted above (and more) are being implemented in our country. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear cannot deny that Marx's program is being fastened around the necks of the Australian people.

Is this being done by communists and socialists?

Mainly it is being done by Liberals and Laborites who couldn't distinguish the Communist Manifesto from the Australian Constitution if their own lives depended on it.

Does all of this have anything to do with the New World Order we heard so much about during the Persian Gulf War

The phrase "new world order" has been used for generations by individuals who have been working to create a socialistic world government. Their "new world order" is forming right before our eyes as communist nations relax brute force and adopt the socialist route to economic control; as western nations, including Australia, are taken into socialism by their own leaders; and as American Presidents work for what Bush has termed a "newly invigorated" United Nations, the world government to be.

What should anyone who opposes all of this do?

Australia needs better leaders in all houses of parliament. To get them there is a crying need for a reawaking of the Australian people - before socialism's grip on Australia becomes irreversible. There is an organisation designed to create the much needed awareness. Anyone who means to reject socialism and restore limited accountable government should contact :

Australian Freedom Foundation,  PO Box 140, Glenelg, South Australia 5045