The recent revelations regarding Local  Government mismanagement is no secret to   those  who have  served in Local  Councils.

Salisbury  Council has issued  over 100 Credit  Cards to various  staff membersWhilst Onkaparinga Council  wants to pay the  Golf  Club membership fees  for  the  CEO who is already on a salary  which exceeds the Prime  Ministers take  home pay.  All this  is happening  at   a time when many ratepayers  are struggling financially.

Having  served on  a  Council it is obvious  that  many office bearers lack  the capacity to run a  Council  and  are usually  completely  at the mercy  and  direction  of   the CEO This  does not worry  an incoming  Mayor as once he / she  dons the mayoral     robes  a regal  air of  authority  and  wisdom seems to descend upon their  shoulders.

Several years ago the Labor Party attempted to amalgamate several  Councils in  S.A. The Liberals opposed this move but adopted   a policy where almost half the 120  Councils  were amalgamated  once they regained  office. Ratepayers were conned into  believing  that the larger  Councils would bring Ëconomies of   scale”to most of the  Councils and rates  would therefore   be reduced.   This  never  happened   and  an audit conducted  by  the local  Government   Association 3  years later  indicated    that only  a few  Councils  were now financially viable.  Further Investigation  and research  by a Coucillor     from Western  NSW  also revealed the  “Grand  Plan” for  Local  Government  in  SA and  other  States which  involved  mass amalgamations to about 80  Councils  Australia  Wide   and running them  from   Canberra. According to  Fabian  Socialist  Goff  Whitlam  State  Governments  would  be   allowed  to”   wither on   the  vine”.



Many  Australians reject  the possibility  of  a  Communist  type Government  ever gaining  control of the Australian  Government. They  argue  that Communism  collapsed when   theWall in  Berlin came  down  several  years  ago. Unfortunately this tactic   was merely  a ploy in their strategic   plan  for  a  NEW  WORLD  ORDER.  Hard  line  Communst  Leaders in various  Eastern  European  Countries suddenly called themselves “Socialists  “ or  “Social  Democrats”  but  still remained in control of their  Countries.  Freedom of religion  still prevails.. Property rights   remain in  State  hands  Financial  Control of  the individual remain.  The  Press  and  Media remain  under  strict  Government  Control.Many  migrants  and refugees  have little  knowledge of how their  Country was taken  over.Most  Australians  are too preoccupied to  consider  the possibility  that  Australia  is headed in  the same  direction. Occasionaly a credible   individual speaks out such  as Sir  Arthur  Rymill, a Politician in  the S.A.  State Parliament  in  1972. He  quoted Labor Minister of  Housing (Mr Dedman) who stated that  Young people should  not  be helped or  encouraged to own their  own   homes. When that  happens they tend to become “Little  Capitalists” and do  not  vote  for  Labor.  Nowdays home ownership  would  be  a distant  dream  for  most  young  Couples.

Some time ago I had the opportunity to hear a Russian Pastor who  had spent 17 years in Russian Prisons  &  Gulags. He had studied Russian  History  and  Communist  tactics  and had  concluded   that “Men  had forgotten  God””  Here is part of  his  message delivered in the Town  Hall in  Brisbane  (1969)

You must understand,the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia  were not  Russians.  They  hated  Rusdsians.  They  hated  Christians, Driven  by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered  millions of Russians without a shred of Human  remorse.  It cannot  be overstated. Bolshevism committed  the greatest  human  slaughter   of all  time.  The   fact that  most of  the  world is ignorant  and uncaring about this enormous  crime  is  proof  that  the  Global Media is  in  the hands  of  the perpetrators.”

Ïf only there  were evil people somewhere insidiously committing  evil  deeds,and it were necessary only  to separate them  from  the  rest  of us  and destroy  them.  But the line dividing  good  & evil  cuts through the  heart of  every  human  being, and  who is  willing  to destroy   a piece of his  own    heart.”

Ï call  upon  the people of America to be  more  careful with its  trust. Prevent those  who are using SOCIAL  JUSTICE  to lead  you down   a false  road. They  are  trying  to  weaken  you. We  can only  reach  with determination  for  the  warm  hand  of  God, which we have  so rashly and self-confidently  pushed  away .  Alexandr  Solzhenitsyn..


                                              (A BIBLICAL  VIEWPOINT).

The jubilation expressed  by our politicians  after  the passage  of  the same  Sex  Marriage bill  in  December was something  to  behold. N ever before  have  we  witnessed such unity and  manifest  joy  from  both sides of  Parliament  as Politicians  from  both sides  hugged  and toasted each other with wine  One homosexual  man proposed  to  his  partner.Little protection  was offered  to  Christians as what we actually  saw  was  the  Law  of  God defining  marriage  being  replaced    with  the  Law  of  Sodom.

Most  politicians  would  be totally   unaware  that  they  have placed  our  Nation  under  the  wrath  of  God   and  that it  will  be interesting  to  wait  and  see  God’s  response.

Some  Christians  will   argue   that  since Jesus  came we  are  no  longer under

  Old  Testament  Law  and  the  harsh  judgments of the  old  Testatment  no  longer apply.  Jesus  said” Think  not  that  I have  come to  destroy  the law, or  the prophets .I have  come to  fulfill….. I say  to you, till  heaven   and  earth  pass one  jot of one  tittle shall in  no  way  pass  from  the  Law ,till all  be fulfilled”

In Leviticus     18 .22.Ïf  a man also shall  lie  with  mankind, it is  an abomination.”..  they  shall  surely  be  put to  death ,their  blood shall be upon them”.

Other References: Deuteronomy Ch 23: 17.  1  Kings 14-24. 1 Kings 15:11 Romans 1 26-27.

We  have  just  spent large amounts of  money on  a Royal Commission  into paedophilia.It is a known fact that Homosexuals  engage  young  boys.  The  ability of Homosexual  couples  to adopt  children  will  produce  a generation  that  is  confused  and  will  open  the  door   to exploitation.The  consequences  of  new legislation  are  horrific.

Our  leaders   have placed us  under  the wrath  of  God   and the smiles  will  be wiped off  the faces   when  God  responds to  their  blasphemy.          


One of the amazing  tactics    of  the  Communist/  Socialist  organizations   has  been their  capacity to turn their enemies into  unwitting  supporters of their agenda’s.The  Christian   Church should  be the  number one opponent  of  Socialism in its  various  forms   Instead  we  find many  so called  Christian  Leaders  defending  the  SOCIAL  GOSPEL  and  urging  support for radical Communist  Leaders.  They  do  this even though genuine Christians are  suffering persecution   and  rotting in Communist  prisons.

I can remember when Christian Writer and Pastor  Richard  Wurmbrand  visited  Brisbane  the  local Arch Bishop roundly condemned him  as  a fraud. In reply Wurmbrand  simply removed  his own  shirt  revealing   the  torture  scars  on  his  body  acquired  after 20 years  in prison.  He  was largely  ignored  by  the  Christian  Church  Leaders  he  met   in  Australia.

The  true  history of world  leaders embracing  Communism  such as    Robert  Mugabe, Bishop  Tutu, Nelson    Mandela, Martin Luther  King is hidden from the public but highly  spoken of  in many of  the mainstream  churches.  The  left wing  slant promoted by  such  groups  as the  World  Council  of  Churches ,the various United  Nations branches  is something  to  behold.

In  the late 1960’s  many Australian “C hurch  Leaders” were invited to  Russia  and  were  given   the  “Red  Carpet” treatment. Many  came  back promoting the view that Russian Life was  like  “Heaven  on  earth”. Some  were given opportunities  to speak in specially prepared  Churches  whilst  one  Minister  I  knew who  was an outspoken  Anti  Communist was bundled out of  Russia  as  soon  as  he  arrived.  The local  Archbishop  at  Singleton NSW   came  back  wearing  an expensive  Ruby  encrusted  necklace  which he had received  as  a gift. He  was  full of  praise  for  the  Communist regime

We  need to realize that  Communism  did  not end  at the fall of  the Wall  in  Berlin. We  need to be aware that Communism and its stable mate Socialism  wishes to take or  control everything  you  have   and  to remember  FBI leader  J Edgar  Hoover  who  said “They  are  Masters  of  Deceit”.




Our  Government has  signed  many “Free  Trade  agreements”  …  That  does  not  mean

Prosperity  and  progress.

Australian citizens   and Politicians  are  being  led  to  believe  that  Free  Trade

  is  a  wonderful arrangement  which  would  mean  JOBS>>> JOBS  and  more  Jobs etc… etc

As  Americans  have  discovered   the  North  American  Free  Trade  Agreement (NAFTA)  is  a carefully  crafted “Con  Job”  and  President  Donald  Trump  claimed  he  would  dump it  as  Mexico  was “Ripping  America off”  and  that NAFTA  should  be  dumped  after  24 years of disaster.                                  

 Thousands of American Workers  have lost  their  jobs as  the  big  Automobile  Companies like General Motors, Ford, Chrysler move their operations south  to  Mexico.    In  Mexico  workers  are  paid $1.53 per hour with no  other  benefits as they  would  get  in  America .At  the  Nestle  plant  in Toluca (Mexico)   workers  are  paid  about 1/10th of  what  they would  get in  America.  Which is about $20.00                     

The  bottom  line in all  these  Free  Trade  Agreements  is that  under these  arrangements  we  are   not  in  charge of our  Economy  anymore.  In the  USA  the new Super national trade  Government  is breaking  down the  barriers  which  makes America  an independent  country: Labor Laws,Tariffs Borders, Immigration  with  the same objective  as  the  European  Union  which  has  become  a   monster  telling  all European  Countries

what  they can  do  with  Food  Standards, business, immigration  etc  etc  What  the  people  want  is irrelevant..

Remember, Free Trade agreements  are  not  written   by  or  for   the  people.  They  are  written by and  for  large  Corporations  and  politicians  who  seek  greater  political  Union  via  economic  Union  as a  giant  step toward a New  World  Order.

The  Australian  Politician  who promoted the  trade  agreement  with  Chinese   has  now resigned  to  take  up  a lucrative advisory  role  with  Chinese  business  interests.. Of interest  also is  that  all  major  Political  Parties endorse the agreement when I doubt most have  failed to  read  the  “Fine  Print”.



A  rouse  about in  a shearing  shed  is employed  by a shearing  contractor to  handle  the  wool  from newly  shorn  sheep.Most  rouse abouts  are  seasonal  workers aiming  to  accumulate a reasonable  sum of  money  to carry  them  through  leaner periods.  Until  recently   most  workers in  the  wool  industry  were  male , now , many are women  Back  Packers.

Most  shearers  are  hard  working  individuals   making  money to pay off debts or to  buy  small  properties .Some have  drinking  and  gambling  problems.

It  was a busy  Saturday  morning  in  September  when  I  entered  the  Naracoorte  Office  of  the Local  Shearing  Contractor  and presented  myself  as  a  “Learner  Shearer”  The  Contractor  known  throughout South  Australia  as a  loose  living comedian  eyed  me  carefully   and declared that  he too was a “Learner  shearer” for  the last 20  years  and  was  still  learning. He  then  stated I could  commence  work  on  Monday.

The  shed where I  was to  be  employed  was  manned  by  14  shearers and 20  shed  hands.

There  were 40, 000 sheep  to  be  shorn. The  sheep were easy  shearing as they  were  mainly  Border  Corredale  Cross  Breds  Some shearers can shear 200 sheep  per  day. Learners may shear 50  to  8o  sheep.

There  were  two skirting  tables  where inferior wool  was seperated from  the main  fleece wool  and each were baled  seperately. Unfortunately the sheep  were being shorn  so  rapidly  that it was almost  impossible  for  the  table rouseabouts to  keep up with  the  flow of  wool. The  owner  of  the  flock  was  horrified  to  see  much of the inferior grades of  wool  being  mixed  with  the  good.  He promptly  notified   the  Contractor  who  made  some strategic  moves  where  I  was drafted into the contractors  office .  I  had  the  oversight of about  of  about 120  men. It  was widely  known that  the owner  of  the property ( A  Mr  Charles  K )  would drive  around  in  his  new Rolls  Royce to  check  his  sheep  numbers.Other  members of  his family  still operate the  property.

On  the second  day of  my  office  duties  the contractor  advised  me that I was to  be  cook  for  a team  which  was  to finish  that  day.As it was  for  One  Day  only the  shearers  were  unlikely  to walk off  the job  as  a result  of  my Zero  Cooking  ability.  I  selected a leg  of  lamb  for  roasting,placed it in  the  oven,  and  waited patiently  for it to  turn  a nice  brown.

It  looked  good  as  I  proudly  removed  the leg  from  the  oven  whilst  the  shearers waited  patiently  .

 To  my  horror  the leg  had  not  been  fully  roasted  and  blood  oozed  as I cut slices  for  individual  serves.  I have  not  been called upon  to  cook  again  and this  is  a source  of

some  disappointment  as I consider I  have  some potential  in  the  art  of  cooking.

Good  cooks  are an essential  part  of  any  team  as you  can be  sure  of  trouble  if  you get  a poor  one..I have seen good  Aboriginal  cooks  and  drunken  Aussie  cooks.A  cook  from  Mildura was  known  as  the technicolour  cook  as he used  food  colouring  for  all  his  dishes.In one  shed  where  strike action was  being  taken   the two  female cooks refused  to

  join  in.  They  argued  that  they could  not  see  the signatures of  those  leading  the  strike  on  the  bottom  of  their  pay  checks. Hence  their  refusal  to  strike.  

It  was no    secret  that the  two  engrossing  hobbies of  my  boss  were  Fast  Cars  and  faster  women.Today  we  will deal with cars.  My  boss wanted to challenge Australia’s  top drivers  at  such  venues  as  Phillip  Island  or  in  the round  Australia  Red  X  trials.His  application to  race at  Phillip Isle  was refused  as  many other  drivers  considered  him a dangerous  threat.  He  then turned  his attention to  the  small TQ  racing  cars which  were then competing at  Warnambool.

We  set  off  from  Naracoorte.  We  fairly  whistled   along.  eventually    passing    through  such small towns  as  Apsley  and  Edenhope. We raced    past  Harrow  but  failed  to see the  police  car  lurking  behind  the trees.  He  gave  chase.The  only  reason he eventually  caught  up  with us was that 50  miles down the track at  Coleraine  we had to  slow down for  road  works.  He  asserted that we  were travelling over 90 miles  per  hour  a claim that was hotly  disputed  b y  my  boss.He  then called on me as  a witness to his  carefull  &  sedate driving.  We eventually  arrived  at  Warnambool .

where  I discovered  that  my role  was to push  start the  car. The  TQ  suddenly took  off  dragging  me  for ab out  30 metres.

Books  could  be  written on  the experiences    and individuals  who   have  served  in  the  shearing  industry  Deputy  Prime  Minister Mick  Young (at right)     in  the  Hawke  Labor  Government I s one  person  of  interest  whilst Jack  Wright who  was Deputy  Premier  in   SA  is another If I were writing a reference for either of these men I would advise the employer  not to leave any  loose  handpieces around an d if wanting  to   stir  up  trouble … let someone else fire  the  bullets  while  you sit quietly in  the    background.

Unfortunately  both  men  have  now passed  on.


                                  THE  LUST  FOR  POWER     

When          the  News  M edia  openly mourns  the  loss of  such leaders  as Nelson  Mandela

and  Robert  Mugabe we need to  realize  that  these  Communist  Dictators  came  to  power  mainly  with  the  collusion  of  the  Western  News  Media.  Both  these  men  were  dedic ated  Marxists  who  promised  to lead their  people  into  a  haven   of  peace  and  security.

They  did  neither, murdering  their  opposition stealing their  property,and  giving it  to  their  co-partners   in  crime.

There is no  doubt  that  the lust  for  power  lurks  in  the  hearts  and  minds  of  many  men.It  was   remarkable to  observe      the fawning  acceptance  by  some  members  of  the Royal  Family  on  the death  of  Mandela. I would  not wish to  be  caught  stealing  a rabbit from one  of  the royal  estates.   Punishment  would  be  swift   and sure.

The  lust  for  power  often extends to  the small  time  Candidate  who offers  himself  for  pre- selection in  a smaller  political   party . Having  been involved in several of  these parties   it is amusing  to  observe the  antics  of  many  who offer themselves  for  political  Office.One  candidate  presented  himself at   a  campaign   meeting    dressed  in  a  pink  suit   and  claiming  that he  was  the only honest  second  hand  Car  dealer   in  South  Australia.  One  candidate  who  lacked  basic reading  and  writing  skills  believed  that he  had  the  blessing  of  God  Almighty and  therefore  it  was  not  necessary  to  hand  out “How  To  Vote  Cards” on  polling  day.  A  Taxi  driver  who  claimed  he  was  a  “Roads  scholar” presented  his  business  card  to an  irate Taxi  Inspector who  objected  to  the Cap  worn  by the driver.He  looked  liked   a  German  Submarine  Commander.His  business  card indicated   that  he  was  the  leader  of  the  “Christian  Water  Worshippers  Church” and that he  was  entitled  to  wear  the cap which was  an     essential   part of  his religious  dress.Our  Rhodes  scholar then  sped off  leaving  the  Inspector bewildered.

Another  Candidate  claimed  that  he had  been  voting  for  years    b ut  an extensive  search  through  Electoral  Office  Files could  not  trace  our  candidate.A recently  divorced  woman  candidate   could  not  make  up  her  mind  what  name  to  use  when  contesting a seat.Another  mature  age  man  was  gravely  concerned   about   the future  welfare  of  his  pet  dog if he was trequired  to  go  to  C anberra.He  received  less than  1%  of  the Primary  V ote!

Many  stories could  be told of persons  of  limited  ability  who have  won  political  Office.However many deserve  respect  because they  have  one  quality  largely  lacking in  molstv  career  politicians.  That  quality is  PATRIOTISM.                                                                              

                  THE  AGENDA     OF  SUCCESS.

In recent times  we have seen the valiant efforts of those who are working to defeat

the  forces which aim to overturn  our  culture. There is  an ever expanding list of groups pushing such issues  as  Same  Sex  Marriage,  Gay  rights, anti  Gun  rights, Feminist  issues.

Aboriginal  Land Rights,Changing  the  Constitution, A new  Flag.etc  .etc.  There  are  few if  any  groups in  Australia   capable of  winning  the  battle  to save  our  Country.

It is  obvious to many that  the  enemies  of  Freedom  are  well organized   and  have an  Agenda they  are implementing…  that it is designed  to  change  Society  and   the  Political

Future of this  and other  Countries.  Since  the objective is subjugation of  the  people  …secrecy  is necessary  and  a prime ingredient  of  the scheme.

If  we  see happening around us  as  a result  of  ignorance,stupidity,accident  or   the  natural deterioration  of  civilization  there  would  not  be  so  much  concerted  action,if any at all, aimed  at good people trying   to  stop  what  is  going  on..

The  media  would  not  be of  one  voice,the education  system to teach all children  , the Government would  not  be  moving  forward   to  control  private  Property.The  Constituion

would be better adhered to  and taught. WHAT  WE  ARE  SEEING  IS  A  CONCERTED  AGENDA  not  something  that is  happening  by  chance. All this  action  by this Conspiracy is

coordinated into  an  agenda.   Over time  this  hidden  agenda and those who  call   the  shots have been  exposed by  this  Newsletter.Few  believe. In  his  booklet “Masters of  deceit.FBI Director  J  Edgar  Hoover  stated that the ordinary citizen would  be  amazed at the   rich  and  powerful people who were financing  Communism.

 Bella  Dodd who  served  on the  National  Committee  of  the  USA  Communist  party claimed  that whenever  there     were   serious matters  to be  resolved  they  were instructed  to contact    a  wealthy  business man  in  Waldorf  Towers  N ew York. At  no time  were his  instructions  disobeyed   by the  Moscow Communist  Party. But  why  would wealthy people want  to  support Communism?  They  want  a ÖNE  WORLD  GOVERNMENT

 Or  NEW  WORLD  ORDER. The  Australian  Institute  of International Affairs in  Melbourne published   a book” Äustralia  in  the  New  World  Order”  back in 1972. Politician s and Academics from  both sides  of  politics  are  members . Their plans  for  Australia  are  well      advanced . It is interesting  to  note that in  South  Australia  &  other States the  Liberal  Party  has  always preferenced  the  Communist P:arty  Candidates in front of the Pauline  Han son  Öne  Nation Party. Labor & the  Greens    have  followed.




Well Known  British  Historian  and  author,  Nesta  Webster, wrote  extensively  on  the  plight of refugees  fleeing  from  Communist /  Socialist controlled  Countries after  the Russian  revolution  in 1917.

Many escaped  to  Britain   where several poorly  funded  Freedom  Groups were attempting  to wake  the  people  to  the dangers of  this new ideology then  sweeping  Europe. Webster  noted with  disgust  &  shame that the people who offered  least assistance to  these  small patriotic  groups   came  from   the upper  end of British  Society.  The  group who  would  likely  suffer  most  under  bloody  Communist  dictatorship.   She highlights  the plight of  refugees from  Russia with starving women begging on  street  corners, selling boxes of  matches  or flowers.  The  evidence of  the type of lifestyle they could expect  under Communist  Rule  was clear   yet the battle to retain  the  British  way of  life by these smaller  Groups was left to the  patriotic  few.

In  Australia we  have  noted  that  the hard  work or  “Heavy  Lifting” have over  many years

 been left to   the few. The  time has  come for  many  potential    and  past  leaders  to  retire  .Many have  given up  the  fight  in frustration   and sheer  exhaustion.  Yet  there remains some  glimmer of  hope for the  few  patriotic  Australians  willing  to  fight .

The  political  &  financial  elite   are  becoming more  brazen   and  bold   as they press toward  their  goal   of  a   “New  World   Order”    We  have  been  “Sold  Out”  by our  leaders.  John  Howard effectively  disarmed  the  Australian  Population Whitlam , Hawke  and  Fraser  have  tied us  into the so  called  “Global  Community” with hundreds of signed treaties,  so undermining our  National  Sovereignty  that  we  are no  longer  master of  our  own destinies. Our  Internationalist  minded  politicians  think  that  all  this  is  wonderful.

It is therefore  clear  to  most  people   that desperate  organized  action  is  needed  if this  Nation  is  to  survive.   That action     starts   with  people   you.!




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