The  Action is in  the  REACTION

The recent  spate of Terrorist  activity sweeping  the  world  raises several  questions which require  answers,

Your  editor does not  pretend to  know the specific details of age oid conflicts in  the  Middle  east   but there  are several  pieces of   the  Jig- saw  puzzle  which when placed together  make  an interesting    picture.

1.      Many of  the top  level   Terrorist  leaders have  been trained  in Russia.

2.      Many of the most  radical Imrans  who preach  hate and  have great influence over Muslim  Communities are ex- Communist  operatives highly  skilled  in the arts of 

Deception  and subversion. Terror tactics are  promoted  to  achieve  Communist  Goals.

3.      The  major  goal of  both  Communists & Socialists  is  a New  World  Order  with  the use of  the  United  Nations  Organisation  to  achieve  Globalist  goals

4.      Our  politicians  and  political  elite should  be asked the  question “Will their  actions  and decisions decrease their power over the population  or will   they  increase



            Our politicians, in response to the Terror   attacks  are recommending &  supporting  measures  which  would  place  most  law abiding  citizens under  constant  scrutiny.  The steady       increase in  the   size  and  reach of Government leads  to  total  Government  which is exactly  what  Hitler  wanted  and  achieved.

            GREEN   RELIGION

                 Environmentalism  is   the  nerw  Relgion.

Is this  a  bad  thing? YES ,more precisely   for  two  reasons.

It is  based  upon  false premises   and on those false premises  it  seeks  to impress its  vision of  the   world  via  force  of  Government(namely) the   UNITED  NATIONS.


Mikhail Gorbachev,former head of  the  Soviet  Union says  “I  consider  the principles of  the earth  charter to be  a new form  of  the  10 commandments.  They  lay  the  foundations  for  a  sustainable  Global  earth  Community:  nature is  my  God . To me  nature is sacred, trees  are my  temples  and  forests  my  cathedrals”

Carl  Amery,   a German   environmentalist  says  “We in the Green  movement aspire to  a

Cultural model in which  the killing  of  a forest  will be  considered  more  contemptible and  more  criminal  than  the sale of  a 6 year old  child  to Asian  brothels.

These  quotes are  not indicative of  cool  headed scientific thinking   but  betray a deep  religious  zeal and  conviction.   For  the  Greens the earth  is  sacred    and  must  be  protected.  Human  industrial  activity  is ruining and to  an extent  already  has  ruined  the earth  causing  Global  Warming of  the planet  and should  be reversed or slowed down  by reducing  carbon emissions  and  adopting a more  sustainable  life style.  Westeners  must  adopt  a more  sustainable  standard of  living; use less rescources, ride  bicycles  or  take public  transport   rather than  driving  cars

To  Greens  people who  don’t  go sustainable   are  condemned as  sinners blaspheming  against    Gaaia.

Paul  Rubin  ,writing in the Wall  Street  Journal in 2010  said “.While people have  worshipped  many  things. We may  be the first to  build  shrines  to  garbage””.

Don’t  be surprised  when   your  school  children  come  home  educated to  accept  “Green” theology. ..

               From  IRAN   with LOVE

“From  Muslim fundamentalist… to Christian evangelist !.

 From teacher of  Islam  …..To proclaimer  of  Christ !”

                                 An article  by Samuel  Israel.

This  is  a true  story of  Dr Daniel Shayesth .  Born in a devout Muslim family in Northern Iran, he  could recite the Koran from  memory  at  nine.As  a devout Muslim  he grew  up  learning  to hate  Jews and  Christians.  The  Koran  calls them  unclean,and his life  was one of ignorance as to  other religions.

He graduated from  the  University of Tehran in  November 1979. While at  University  he became deeply involved in  the Iranian revolution. He  married  a woman who was a committed  revolutionary.He and his  revolutionary colleagues  dedicated  their  lives to overthrowing  the Shah of Iran  and installing Ayatollah Khomeini  as  leader. He and his colleahgues believed that once Khomeini seized power, the gap between rich  and  poor would  disappear  and peace and  democracy  would  prevail.

THE REVOLUTION…did occur in 1979 and it became clear that the promises of reform and  democracy were  all  lies.  Instead  a cruel  and  vicious police  state  was inaugurated and all  dissent quickly  and  mercilessly  crushed. Dr  Daniel says,”” We  were misinformed and brainwashed.”

      Countless  people were   killed and imprisoned

Family  members   who  dared  to  question  the terror  were tortured. And  killed. Dr Shayesteh when seeing this betrayal  decided  to run as an independent  candidate for  Parliament. For this he endured  several  months of  torture   and was sentenced  to  death.  All these events made  it  clear  that  he had  to  flee  the  country  with  his  family  and through a series  of  events he was able to reach Turkey.
 It was in  Turkey where  he started to  attend a  Church   which  was  ministering  to  Irani refugees. They  gave  him  a New  Testament  and he  was touched  by  the  services.He  had dreams about  Jesus which many Muslims have  and after resisting for  some time he finally surrfendered  his  life  to  Jesus

The witness of other Christians  and  the  awareness of  Islamic  totalitarianism  could not  have  been  clearer to Shayesteh  and  he  knew that  Christ  wanted his whole life..  He was able to  break the  news of  his  conversion  to his  wife  and  children  and they  too experien ced   the  liberating  love  of  Jesus.

He  and his family  made it  to  Australia  where  he now  conducts  a  world  wide  ministry warning  Westeners of  the dangers of  oppressive  Islam  and its  goal  of   World  Domination.  He  warns of  being  fooled  by interfaith and  multicultural  ventures.




When  Labor regained  power in the 1972 Federal  Election the Federal  Labor  Minister

for  Hindmarsh, Mr  Clyde  Cameron,  boldly  stated”People have  got to realize that they can  no  longer choose what they wish to  do  with    their real estate  Property”

To  students  of  Marxist theory  & practice the  abolition of  Private  Property is  a central plank in  left  wing policy.  It was adopted  by the  Labor  Party  at  a  Federal  Conference  in

Brisbane in the early 1920’s  and has remained there  under  the guise of  a  commitment  to “Democratic  Socialism”..  The  Brisbane  resolution brought an immediate  telegram of  congratulations  from  Moscow.

In  1972  Sir  Arthur  Rymill as a legislative  Councillor in  the  S.A.  Parliament observed how  Labor  was restricting young people with its  Housing  Policies.   .  He  quoted  the Federal  Labor  Minister  for  Housing  Mr Dedman  ALP. Mr  Dedman claimed  that it  was  not in  the interests  of   the  Labor  Party to encourage  Young People to attain  Home  Ownership as it  encouraged them to  become  “Little  Capitalists”.With housing affordability beyond their reach  Young  People would remain as Labor party  voters.

If one examines the recent trends in Real  Estate  Property  values  it becomes obvious that various  Government  actions at  State  Local  &  Federal  Levels have priced  most  Young  People  out of  the   market. A  major overhaul of  the host of  building  regulations  should  be  a  major concern  at  all  levels of  Government.  Governments  could  start  by releasing

more  land  for  development.



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THE ABC  and  Pauline  Hanson.

Pauline  Hanson  has  gained  sufficient  public  support to stir  her  many enemies  to  hostile  reacton.  Leading  the charge is the ABC radio  &  TV.

Much of which she is  now  saying  is consistent  with  her  warnings  of  20  years  ago.This  applies to  immigration and  foreign investment   and other controversial issues.  She  now  has sufficient  numbers in  the Senate to  force other  parties   to negotiate on various  issues.


In  a recent  ABC  TV appearance  she was  roundly  attacked  by  an assortment of disgruntled  Ex  One  Nation  Office  Bearers.  As usual  the  ABC presented  a biased view  but often   the  truth   is  not fully  revealed.

Many of us will recall  that when  Pauline first appeared on the political scene public  support  was strong  and she attracted  many opportunists  who sought to ride on  her  coat tails  to political  power..Like  Pauline  many  were novices in  the poltical arena  and many had personal  agenda’s  to pursue. It was  not  long  before her political  organization began to fall  apart and many good people   were brushed  aside.  Pauline withdrew from the original One Nation as she could no  longer  control the  disruptive elements in  her  party.

Paul  Keating once advised  a young ALP  Politician  to “Get  Rid  of  the  Crazies within   the branch  structure.One  Nation had its  share of  crazies  and many occupied  key  positions.

After 20 years  Pauline    was persuaded to return   to  One  Nation   and provide  leadership  for  a declining  and aged  membership  .  She has  done that  but  her actions offended  many  people especially  those  who had remained with   the party  over   many  years. Branches  were  closed, existing  office  bearers  sidelined  ,finance and  administration centralized in  Qld.  It amounted to a clean  sweep of  the  broom through the organization  but eventually  a more  democratic form of  governance will emerge    if  the organization is to  survive.

The future of  One  Nation will depend on Pauline’s  leadership, the quality of good  candidates  and their ability to finance their own  campaigns.  Last  but not least  the quality of her administrative and advisory staff..



The  destruction  of  self reliance is  a key step in a Socialist/  Communist  takeover.

As  the  State assumes m ore  and  more  responsibility for caring for  people ,the latter tend to become    servile dependants  and to lose their own  strength of  character.   Rome was great when  the people  provided for  themselves  and  supported  the  Government.  It declined  when  the latter  supported   the  people .  A  mob clamoring  for  bread  and  circuses  is  not  a  foundation  upon  which   a self governing   and prosperous  Society can   be   maintained..

Today we have free lunches for an increasing  number of  children, we have food  distribution  for  larger  numbers  each  year.  We have  the  dole.  We have  aid for dependent  children.  We have unemployment benefits not only for  those that need  them  but for  increasing  numbers of  people who work  only enough  to keep eligible  for  unemployment benefits.Others draw such pay  while  working  at  full time  jobs.  We  have  direct  welfare for  the loafer and  chisler  as well as the needy to  the extent  that large  numbers of our people  have learned  that it is possible to live  without  working,

As this practice  grows, the strength of  the people  declines  and  the number of  irresponsible  people continues to  increase.  This  in  turn causes breeding  from  the less responsible portion of people  making  the future look  dark  indeed.

Prior  to   the  welfare  state parents tended to  limit their   families  to  the number of  children for whom they  could  provide.  This is no longer necessary  as the state assumes increasing responsibility  for  the  support  of  children.  Irresponsible people do  not  limit the size of  their  families   because  each  child  means  more  welfare  dollars.  Thus  the more  able  and intelligen t  part  of the population who  limit  the size of their  families  are taxed  more   and  more to  support  the offspring  of  the less  responsible

Socialism is  the principal  cause of  the  population explosion  as an increasing  proportion of people spring from  that segment of  society  which is less intelligent, less cultured, less  educated   and less responsible   and is more  and  more  satisfied  to  accept  direction  in return  for  the    handouts  welfarism  provides.This transformation of  Australian character  is  sufficient  to  destroy  our Country.   No  wonder  the Communist/ Socialists planning  to  bury  us  keenly  support  the  whole  Socialist Welfarism program.

A  Day in the life of a political activist.

It was a warm  spring  day when  the news    came  through. Pauline  Hanson  was  to  visit  Adelaide.

Immediately  a small  band of One  Nation  supporters  set about arranging  a venue  able  to  seat some 8oo people.This  was no easy   task  as an hostile  media were trying to paint  Hanson  as an uneducated loose  canon  whose  racist  views  should  be dismissed by any fair-minded  Australian.Left wing  academics, trendy  church leaders and radical Unionists were organising forces to stop or disrupt  or stop  meetings.

When  One  Supporters tried to organize  a venue the media would quickly approach the management and suggest that much damage   could be done to their  properties should  a meeting be held . Most managers canceled approvals  immediately.After this occurred  several timesa venue was found  and a written statement of approval  obtained from  the  manager. This  statement  was to prove vital    when  legal  action  became  necessary  to  enforce  the terms of  agreement.

Police  patrols became  necessary  as bomb threats were made .  A full time  guard was mounted        to  protect  the venue  and the usual threatening phone calls  and  death threats made to  management and One   Nation  leaders. A pensioner One  Nation Organiser found it  necessary to  hire  a body  guard. For  personel  protection.

At  last the big  day  arrived  and  a capacity  crowd assembled for the meeting scheduled  to  commence  at 7.30pm Protesters blocked the main entrance and a hired  band  and Pauline were unable to gain entrance without protection The  Police were handicapped in their capacity to control  the noisy   mob  and  the media seemed more interested  in TV coverage of protesters than. the  meeting proceedings.

At  last Pauline  arrived after  finding it impossible to  gain entrance  through  the main  door.  Fortunately Police  found   a way   to the rear  door  through  a disused  brick  yard  at   the rear of  the  building.

After the meeting  commenced an observer   found it  interesting to see prospective  Senate  Candidates attempting  to gain  Pauline’s  attention.  That  however is another story which  may  be  covered  later!

The  following  day volunteers were called  upon to clear up  the mess  left  by “Rent  a  mob"Readers will be thrilled  to  know that the mess consisted of half eaten meals & chicken together with broken  bottles  etc.  These people are the guardians of planet earth  and see themselves  defenders of  Free  speech  and our environment.

This being  the case.    It’s  time to     start . praying  now!.     


I recently received  a letter from  a well known   political   activist.The main theme of  the letter  was that our politicians are  abusing our  constitution  and  electoral system to such an  extent that they  should  be charged  with  treason.  A  list of  booklets was provided to  support this allegation.

It is a fact of life that many who are involved in  the freedom  battle are strong individualists.

They hold  strong opinions on most political issues  and many should  be classified  as  “Bush  Lawyers” Often they get involved in side issues which serve no real  purp;ose other than to side track genuine  patriots.A onetime Deputy  head of  the FBI  and  Morman  Elder  Howard  Kershner  quoted from the scriptures when he said “For we  wrestle not against  flesh  &  blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of  darkness of this  world,against  spiritual agents from  the  very  headquarters of  evil.

Throughout history   the ancient Hebrew  prophets thundered warnings at their  people  not to  compromise  with idol  worshipping  tribes who surrounded them. Their  constant  theme  was to  cut  down  their  groves and destroy  their  altars  and  not  to give their  sons  &  daughters  in  marriage  to  the  followers of  false  Gods.  However,  when  they  compromised  their  strength  was dissipated  and  both  Hebrew  Kingdoms  were  destroyed.

In adopting  Socialism, even though it be called the “Welfare State”  and in  cooperating with  Communists  we   are “breaking  bread with  the devil  in  the shadow of   the  cross.

One of  the main tools used  by  Satan to  destroy us  is   the  UNITED  NATIONS  organization. In adopting  UN proposals  we  are gradually losing  our  sovereignty  and  the  Christian  foundations  of  our  nation.  We  doubt there is hardly  one  policy emanating from   the  UN  which has not adversely affected our  freedoms  and  culture.

Every  candidate  for  public  office should  be required to  state  their  position  on  the  UN.

If they  support the  UN   don’t  vote  for  them. A  central  theme of  all true  Freedom groups  should  be  to “Get us  out “of  the United  Nations.!      



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