Neutralizing movements that undermine the work of patriotic Americans to preserve freedom.

Extracts from a publication of The John Birch Society written by Don Fotheringham.


'Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President or any other public official save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country'. - Theodore Roosevelt. (pictured at right)

'If political action alone, or of itself, were the key to the solution of our problem, we would have solved that problem long ago. We proceed on a solider and more permanent program which includes political action, but without letting political action get out of perspective'. - Robert Welch, The Neutralizers

Notwithstanding our Founding Father's disdain for political parties, party machinery is in place and not likely to go away. What George Washington called "the baneful spirit of party" is a tendency toward party zeal and loyalty that so often exceeds loyalty to country and adherence to principle. Party faithful tend to mistake party loyalty for patriotism placing faithfulness to party leaders, platforms, or party unity ahead of the principles of constitutional government.

At the highest levels of party politics, "the baneful spirit of party" is not merely a tendency, it governs the party system. Make no mistake about it, state parties and local units have little or no influence over political action at the national level. The leadership of the two major political parties is - and long has been - under the control of the Insiders. Even though a party's national platform may contain a number of principled, patriotic positions, with few exceptions the national strategy follows a pattern established by the enemy. We believe that members of the Birch Society should work within the party of their choice to nominate and elect the best candidates and - where possible - help get correct principles written into their party's official platform.

However, we offer a word of caution : Political action cannot rescue a nation adrift in a sea of ignorance. In order to get elected and remain in office, even the best politicians will appeal to the public's existing level of understanding, rather than try to raise that level to a higher standard. Without the support of sufficient numbers of informed voters, few politicians will keep promises to limit government to its proper role. Instead, they find themselves walking a line designed to appease the uninformed voter. Successful political action will be the result of correct information. Good candidates cannot be elected, or retained in office, by voters who cannot distinguish between a charlatan and a statesman or between a worthwhile cause and a pretext for power. Therefore, our first priority must be to invest our time and resources in building greater understanding of the principles of Americanism and of the forces working to obscure and destroy those principles.

Time and money invested in educating our friends is never wasted, whereas time and money spent getting out the vote or promoting a candidate is nearly always lost. This is true, even when our favorite candidate wins the election. For if he honors his oath of office and adheres to correct principles, he will not be understood or appreciated by the voting majority in his district, and the media will surely work to destroy him prior to the next election.

(2) Wild Speculation.

'Our only hope in the ultimate fight is that we offer leadership which can be trusted' :Robert Welch

'The Society has built a reputation for credibility based on solid research, and that credibility can be quickly destroyed by crying "wolf" unnecessarily or prematurely". : William F. Jasper

It is admittedly difficult to expose the Master Conspiracy - its existence, record, and intent - even though a great amount of information and history are available to document our claims. For this reason, we urge our members to utilize for this task only what is known and well documented regarding the purposes and tactics of the Conspiracy. Wild statements to the effect that "Communists and conspirators are everywhere" must be carefully avoided. Our enemies are not everywhere. They are but a small number, even though their power and influence are very extensive. The Conspiracy also persuades many more individuals to do its work, but most of these know nothing about the Conspiracy and have no idea they are employed by it.

We must also avoid exaggerated, panic-inducing statements and wild speculation. Rumors concerning "black helicopters" mobilized to suppress opposition to the new world order, the imminent invasion of America by United Nations troops, or weather modification scares must not be repeated as fact by our members or attributed to The John Birch Society. These rumors misrepresent the Conspiracy's strategy and ignore the layers of strength the Conspiracy has yet to overcome. They ignore the fact that the Conspiracy still needs to practice deception and patient gradualism. It is entirely possible that rumors of this sort are planted by the enemy for the purpose of destroying credibility and keeping good people chasing non-existent dragons.

The Conspiracy does not work along the lines indicated by many of those rumors. For example, there are no plans for the UN to make a military assault on the United States. That is contrary to the scheme; Insider plans call for America to enslave itself by legislating away its freedom and independence in a subtle, step-by-step process. A military attack by the UN would destroy that plan, which is now moving very nicely in the direction wanted by the Conspiracy. Also, a sudden, UN military assault on the United States would be a dead giveaway - it would alert all Americans, who would rise up and throw off the enemy. A UN attack would destroy a half-century of propaganda propping up the world body as the only hope for peace. Such an act would be devastating to the Conspiracy and its UN foundation for world government. And above all, an overt attack would destroy the step-by-step plan for Americans to be kept in ignorance while they enslave themselves.

This tangent addresses false alarms that stem from a false notion of the Conspiracy and its modus operandi. We realize the Conspiracy has used and will use real violence and terror to create enough fear to induce more laws, regulations, and government controls over the American people. Terrorist attacks on the United States serve the Conspiracy well, creating the fear needed for passage of severe legislation that Americans would ordinarily oppose. Members and friends must not waste time on enemy-induced tangents and spurious rumors that make us look ridiculous, destroy our credibility, and take us away from dispensing bona fide information. Our progress in enlisting new members in effective organized action is the only thing the Conspiracy fears.


(The Communists) have dupes and agents clamoring incessantly that the Society is anti-Semitic; and at the very same time they have agents provocateurs everywhere trying to persuade members of the Society that the whole Communist movement is simply a Jewish conspiracy, and that these members are wasting their time in The John Birch Society because its leaders do not have the courage to name the enemy. And by this typical Communist method, they have made anti-Semitism into one of the most powerful weapons in their whole arsenal of destruction.

Anti-Jewish sentiment does great harm to the struggle for truth and justice in America, particularly when bad feelings toward the descendants of Judah translate into unfair treatment or persecution. Anti-Semitism thrives on hatred and makes a mockery  of man's God-given rights to "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness," which we valiantly defend. Those unalienable rights belong to men and women of every race, color, creed, and nationality.

Anti-Semitism is particularly harmful in the battle for freedom because bad feelings toward Jews tend to preoccupy and warp the thinking of otherwise capable people. Deeply biased individuals nearly always end up on a futile course that eventually takes them entirely out of the freedom battle. Their racist sentiments make them useless to the legitimate cause that others, with God's help, so earnestly pursue. Burdened with a repugnant fixation, they are unable to influence the many other responsible Americans who need to be recruited into organized, constructive action.

It is important to note that anti-Semitism, in relation to the present struggle, has been traced to a spurious document known as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This publication is widely recognized as a fabrication. Robert Welch believed that the Protocols were a fraud perpetrated by Nikolai Lenin. He wrote that Lenin (pictured right) needed a mechanism for drawing fire away from himself, so he made up the whole idea of a Zionist plot. Lenin, along with his collaborators, conspired to misdirect blame for the deeds of Communists onto the Jews. They promoted the notion that the Jews were the real force behind Communism. The Protocols are supposed to prove that the Jews have long plotted to take control of the world by methods actually being employed by the Communists.

Anti-Semitism is worse than a tangent - it is a trap from which few escape once they become obsessed with bad feelings toward the Jewish people. Patriotic citizens who develop such an obsession are not welcome in The John Birch Society. They are of no value to the freedom battle. Nothing is more dishonest or vicious than charges that The John Birch Society is racist or anti-Semitic. Ironically, among the organizations that have circulated this defamatory allegation is the Anti-Defamation League. Men and women who look into this charge realize they have been lied to when they discover highly capable Jewish members serving at all levels of The John Birch Society. There is a large body of patriotic Jews in the United States who will stand up and help The Birch Society throw off the chains of tyranny once they learn that The John Birch Society is one of their valiant defenders.

-Robert Welch (pictured right), November 1996, Bulletin


Do not yield to either of the two great psychological weapons which the Insiders are now using more extensively and more forcefully than even a decade ago. First is the argument that we should simply go home, repent our sins, and pray, thus leaving the outcome of this struggle entirely up to God. We urge you to pray, by all means, whenever you feel that prayer is in order; but never stop working against a Conspiracy that is already destroying the freedom to worship God at all wherever it can do so. - Robert Welch, September 1976 Bulletin   

America's religious foundations is essential to restoring freedom and truth. The John Birch Society is not a religious organization; however, most of its members are devoutly religious, and their enduring faith provides them with a foundation of hope for achieving success in the secular affairs of our nation. A few of our best citizens, however, have withheld their time, labor, and resources from the cause of freedom under the belief that only worship and prayer can save our nation in its present "fallen" state. They feel that it is too late to work for freedom because the world is already doomed to destruction and that the end is near. A few individuals go even further by hoping to hasten the "Day of the Lord" by allowing evil to flourish.

A widely accepted, biblically based position regarding the end of the world is that "not even the angels of heaven know the day nor the hour," and therefore, no one can profess to know when the Lord will come or when the world will end. In the meantime, we sense a profoundly sacred duty to resist evil and promote good at every opportunity. Most religious Americans understand that God has given them that responsibility. Moreover, they accept that all men everywhere are bound by humane conscience to oppose oppression and evil, save lives, liberate captives, and pronounce the truth as quickly as it becomes known to them. It is when people do not follow their conscience and do not take steps to oppose evil that evil has prevailed - punishing everyone including those of their own faith and their loved ones.        

A belief formerly prominent among almost all Christian sect - sometimes attributed to St. Augustine but dating back to the Apostles - can be summarized as follows : "Pray as if it were all up to God, but work as if it were all up to me." This is a good maxim that should keep us on course as we work and pray for freedom in this troubled world.                                 


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